Vegetarian Eco Camp

Typical Camp Schedule

7:30 am    Wake Up Bell 

8:00    Breakfast - Our camp chef starts our day with a nutritious and tasty breakfast!

9:00    Open Learning Forum - Campers engage in interesting and inspiring workshops on the connections between us, animals and the environment. 

11:00  Yoga - A good stretch under the trees or in our recreation hall gets campers ready for the adventures after lunch. 

12:00  Lunch - Another hearty meal prepared by our dedicated chef. 

1:00   Adventure Activity 1st Rotation - In small groups, campers rotate between outdoor adventure activities including high ropes, low ropes, climbing wall, archery or other activity. In a group debrief after each activity, campers and counsellors discuss how to improve cooperation, strengthen communication and create a cohesive team.

2:30   Adventure Activity 2nd Rotation - After a short water break, campers set off for their second rotation of outdoor adventure activities. 

4:00  Free Choice - Large Group Activity / Quiet time - Campers can sign up for their favourite activity:  swim time, arts & crafts, team sports, scavenger hunt, nature hike, or quiet time enjoying the view with counsellors. 

5:00  Dinner - After an active afternoon, camper feast on a delicious filling meal of healthy goodness! 

6:00  Evening Program, Large Group Game - Campers are busy in a collective indoor puzzle game that involve brain power, team work and creative energies!

7:45  Sunset Meditation - Campers relax and breathe while watching the sun set into and listening to the sounds of nature. 

8:30  Snack Time and Campfire/Stargazing/Night Hike/Games night - Campers enjoy a healthy snack and enjoy some night time fun singing at the campfire or going for a night exploration of the forest trails. Spontaneous talent shows are not uncommon!

9:30  Dorm Time - Campers return to their dorms with their counsellor. Counsellors check-in with campers, find out how their day was, play dorm games and call it a night.