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The counsellors were very nice and looked after me. The were very fun to be with and friendly. It was mostly like they were our older siblings, the way they treated us. It was very nice to be with them because they were kind and helpful to us.                      

 - Camper 2014

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The camp program fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of the connections between the Earth, animals, and humans. The program is designed by educators and Ontario Certified Teachers.

The program is divided into three sections, Peace In, Peace Out, and Outdoor Education:

Peace In reminds us to be self-aware and practice being peaceful on the inside by calming our mind and body. Having Peace In, translates to peacefulness and compassion in other aspects of life.  Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are introduced in fun and interactive activities as a way to practice Peace In. By Day 5, campers begin to lead one another in simple Peace In exercises. By leading others, campers improve their own understanding of Peace In and hopefully carry some of the ideas to their home life.

Peace Out  reminds us to practice being peaceful on the outside by controlling our words and actions, increasing awareness, and making informed choices in our daily life.  Peace Out session topics change every camp depending on what is current and relevant for youth in the given year. Topics relate to being peaceful For Earth, For Animals and For Us.   Examples of Peace Out topics include: 

Outdoor Education develops nature appreciation, interpersonal skills, and self-confidence within camper.   Outdoor Education includes high/low ropes challenge courses, hiking, archery, and rock climbing. Each activity is followed by an insightful debrief.  By taking on Outdoor Education challenges, campers develop useful skills to make positive change For Earth, For Animals and For Us, including:

Teaching Method  Sessions are interactive, experiential, and promote critical thinking. Campers are encouraged to explore new ideas, discuss in groups, reflect, and draw their own conclusions.


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