Towards Ahimsa directors

Vegetarian Eco Camp is organized, behind-the-scenes, by the directors of Towards Ahimsa Inc., an educational, non-denominational, registered non-profit organization in Ontario. Meet our 2016 Towards Ahimsa Directors team below:

Akhil Shah, BSc: A budding scientist, Akhil looks towards building a better future by synthesizing science and environmental initiatives.

Ambika Jain, MA, OCT:  As a Ontario Certified Teacher, Ambika brings her experience working with all types of youth to the camp. Over the past ten years of organizing summer camps, she has focused her efforts on creating engaging curriculum for campers.

Ashish Bhandari, ME: As an engineer, Ashish offers both a logical and composed mindset in handling management challenges.

​Chirag Shah, BSc: With a background in Kinesiology and Health Sciences, Chirag brings a focus on the importance of mind and body to camp, encouraging campers to develop both mentally and physically. Chirag is also active on social media.

Christine McNally: Christine combines her passion for animals with her years of camp management to give youth a wonderful camp experience. 

Monty Jain, BSc: As a professional photographer, Monty makes sure to capture each and every moment.

Neelesh Jain, MD, MASc:  With a scientific and medical background, Neelesh offers campers a unique perspective into the world of meditation, yoga, and ecology.  He has been involved with summer youth camps for over 10 years.  ​

​Priyal Jain, CPA, CA: As a senior accountant, Priyal optimizes costs to ensure an affordable and high-quality camp.

Rupa Parakh, MASc, BSc: As a loving mother, Rupa makes sure that campers are well-cared for and ensures a healthy adjustment.

Tushar Mehta, MD, BASc: As a family physician and environmentalist, Tushar makes every effort to make the world around him better.​

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