Vegetarian Eco Camp

Towards Ahimsa directors

Vegetarian Eco Camp is organized, behind-the-scenes, by the directors of Towards Ahimsa Inc., an educational, non-denominational, registered non-profit organization in Ontario. Meet our 2021 Towards Ahimsa Directors team below:

Ashish Bhandari, ME: As an engineer, Ashish offers both a logical and composed mindset in handling management challenges.

Khushboo Shah, HBSc, Masters of Biotechnology, CMPA:  Khushboo brings her creativity and commitment when organizing camp! 

Ambika Jain, MA, OCT:  Campers benefit from Ambika's experience in designing and delivering curriculum as a secondary school teacher. 

​Chirag Shah, BSc: Pulling on his health sciences background, Chirag encourages campers to develop both mentally and physically while having fun at camp! 

meet our team