Vegetarian Eco Camp

Camp runs for ONE week only! 

Sunday, July 9 - Friday, July 14, 2017

For the low price of just $675/camper (one of the lowest for overnight camps in Canada), campers get an enriching experience at the renown facilities of YMCA Cedar Glen!!  

Includes all of the amazing activities, awesome food, comfortable accommodations, a cool t-shirt, a journal, and an unforgettable camp experience!

At Veg Eco Camp, we do not turn away campers simply because of cost. If you require financial assistance please email us at


I found that the Mind In A Bottle exercise was very helpful, and I've already been catching myself imagining the glitter in my bottle slowing down in the water whenever "my bottle is shaken". Also, I thought that the rock exercise was really interesting and, I don't meditate, but when I'm upset, I believe that that will be a great way to calm myself down and focus on what's really important.Lastly, I've found out that I really enjoy watching the sun set and I will definitely be doing that more often. :)                    

 - Camper 2014